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Custom makeup brush and private label solutions to guarantee you the just right makeup brushes at our best offer.

Our trained internal inspector is dedicated to customers, who reports on production status, in addition to controlling the products' quality.

Direct factory, with design, prototyping, production, follow-up and customer service team working under the same roof.

Custom Makeup Brush Manufacturer in China

• Promac supplies daily use makeup brushes and professional makeup brush sets and other accessories. We offer a broad line of makeup brushes, sponges, pouches and bags, and other ancillary products.
• Our makeup brushes are produced under strict quality control systems that meet global standards. 100% inspection has been made before shipment.
• We offer fully customized solutions and provide in-house design & prototyping services, which meet and exceed your custom needs. Our highly skilled artisans are in position to work with your design requirements and to recommend to fit your particular needs. Our rich experience and reliable supply chain management give us the capability of doing small orders as well as running large orders.

Private Label Makeup Brush Manufacturer in China

• We are able to stamp your logo and brush codes onto the brushes and packagings, without engaging in a complex, time consuming and expensive product development process. We always welcome private label makeup brush projects.

Our Mission

• The company was established with a mission to supplying the best quality makeup brushes at the most competitive prices to customers all over the world.

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• Our passionate team welcome you to visit Shenzhen, China, to meet our kind people and know more about our company, makeup products and services. Please send an email to us or give us a call today. We will contact you shortly.

Thank you.

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