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Good Quality Makeup Brushes

Because Promac creates good quality makeup brushes and tool products, we believe that it is essential that our products meet and/or exceed DB44T / 1379 – 2014 Standard. Our team works to ensure that our processing, manufacturing, and fulfillment practices are ethical and efficient for our makeup brushes and tools. Read on to learn more about DB44T / 1379 – 2014 Standard from Technical Committee on Cosmetics of Standardization of Guangdong Province.

good quality makeup brushes

DB44T / 1379 – 2014 Standard

DB44T / 1379 – 2014 Standard is monitored by Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. In order to meet the Standard, the local authorities require manufacturers, processors, and packagers to take pre-emptive steps to ensure that their products are safe, pure, in professional quality and high performance.

With Promac’s nearly 10 years of experience in the makeup brushes and tools industry, our team makes sure that your order will be compliant with the Standard and meet your requirements.

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