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Quality Policy:

Meeting customers' needs with quality and service.

Our team has a deep understanding that our efforts should be focusing on eliminating the need for massive inspection by building quality into the product in the first place, so as to cease dependence on inspection to achieve quality. Holding this belief our team start to reduce risks during product design, aiming to improving the reliability of the manufacturing process, besides of quality control in the process.

Our QC staff conduct a series of tests and inspection to ensure every piece of goods meet the standard before shipment.

Quality System

In order to ensure customer satisfaction with products and services of high standards and continuous improvement in quality, delivery, reliability and performance, we carry out a 12-step QC regimen from raw materials procurement to pre-shipment inspections.

1. Internal existing QA/QC procedures.

  • IQC. Incoming material inspection
  • PQC ----Production QC
  • IPQC ----In Process Quality Control
  • OQA -----Outgoing Quality Assurance
  • Abnormal quality issue feedback processing;
  • Quality records.
2. Types of tests.
  • Wood / bamboo handle moisture content test;
  • Hair colorfastness test;
  • Tape test for the stamping;
  • Tention / pulling test;
  • Drop test.
  • In some cases we do alcohol test. We are open to do other tests as per clients' needs.
3. Inspection checks performed during production and our QA standards for passing for each.
  • First article inspection;
  • Round check;
  • Our default QA standard is MIL-STD-105E II TYPE:NORMAL AQL: CRITICAL:0% MAJOR :1.5% MINOR:4.0%.

To view our detailed strict quality control steps, please CLICK HERE! You'll be deeply impressed.

Part of Makeup Brush Tests

Chinese Makeup Brush Manufacturer Test Room makeup brush twist test Custom Makeup Brush Manufacturer Bristle Pulling Test
Test room Handle & ferrule glueing test Bristles pulling test
Makeup Brush Size Verifying  makeup brush size verifying makeup brush logo printing colour fastness tape test
Bristle size inspection Bag size inspection Logo stamp firmness test
brush sets to be inspected filled master carton weight inspection Makeup Brush Set Weigth Verifying
Brush sets to be inspected filled master carton weight inspection Unit brush set weight inspection
makeup brush packaging barcode scan inspection makeup brush master carton drop test makeup brush master carton drop test
Bar code scan inspection Brush master carton drop test Brush master carton drop test
makeup brush set individual packaging box drop test makeup brush set individual packaging box drop test makeup bushes finished goods storage
Brush individual packaging drop test Brush individual packaging drop test Finished goods storage

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