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Private Label

Private Label / Custom Development

Private label makeup brushes are designed exclusively for private label customers, printed with clients' own logo, brush codes and brand names. Looking for private label makeup brushes for your company or business? Kosmos Beauty can help expand your brand by offering your customers a branded makeup brush.
We can do any customization of makeup brushes and their ancillary products.
  • Low minimums, starting at only a 500pc minimum.
  • Affordable price including logo printing. The more pieces, the cheaper the price gets.
  • Can create brushes of all styles, uses, materials, handles and for all purposes.
  • Quick turnaround time, normally 4-6 weeks.
  • Export assistance.
Our aim is to provide a one-stop service for our customers. We are able to private label makeup products, unit cartons, brushes, makeup cases, brush aprons and wraps.
The private label manager together with skilled engineers and technicians are well-trained in undertaking all kinds of complicated projects. Therefore, confidential treatment of technical information of customers is ensured.

Printing / Decoration

Our team has top of the line machinery to ensure that your concept and design are exactly what you intended. Printing can include a variety of shapes and materials depending upon your product and private label creation.
We can print items such as:
  • Your own logo, brand name and brush description & code on brush handle
  • Your own logo or images on brush ferrule (metal part)
  • Carton packaging
  • Blister boxes
Please note that our private label service is done by silk screening, pad printing, hot stamping, laser printing, embossing your logo onto our products and boxes.
Reach out to us if you have any ideas, let us realize them for you.

Packaging Design

Not only can our team print the labels for your products, but also we can design your product packaging. No matter what type of packaging or presentation that your product will have, our team can create a design that blends with your existing logo and branding. Find your next design with Kosmos Beauty, our expert designers can work with you to ensure the new packaging will blend with your vision. Our design experience fits for these packaging types:
  • Blister card
  • OPP bag + paper card
  • Inserted card
  • PU or PVC pouch / bag / case
  • Cylinder case
  • Paper or cardboard box
  • Display stand
If you have a specific retail packaging request, contact our team for a custom design solution. We are standing by to answer questions.

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