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Different shaped mascara wands are designed for different needs to eye lashes, from curling, to volume, separation and length.
Comb mascara wands are best for: Short, sparse lashes. If your lashes are on the thinner, shorter side, a mascara brush shaped like a comb will help grab and coat every single lash with minimal clumping.

Pointed mascara wands are best for: Lengthening. This type of mascara as a 2-in-1. You can apply your mascara as you normally would with the brush, then turn the wand and use the tip to give the ends of your lashes an extra lengthening boost.

Triangle mascara wands are best for: Elongating your eyes. This bizarre looking mascara brush not only gives your eyes a feline effect, but the mini row of bristles in the centre also tightline your upper waterline.

Ball mascara wands are best for: Hard to reach lashes. They have been designed to get all those hard to reach lash areas which traditional sized brushes can't get to.

Cone mascara wands are best for: Corner lashes. The lashes on the eye corners often get left out, but not with these tapered style brushes. The thinner end ensures all your lashes get an even coating.

Rectangle mascara wands are best for: Volume and length. With a rectangular brush the shorter and squared off bristles will stretch and pull eye lashes to new levels of volume and length.

Skinny mascara wands are best for: Definition. This skinny brush will ensure eye lashes are coated in mascara from the very root, making them appear longer and more defined, when you find a lot of lengthening mascaras don't always work for shorter eye lashes.

Click here to see how our machines are producing mascara brush heads. You are also welcome to customize mascara brushes for your own with private label from us Chinese leading makeup brush manufacturers.

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