Custom Makeup Brush Manufacturer in China

makeup brushes manufacturer

As a makeup brushes manufacturer, China Shenzhen Promac Makeup Brush Factory was established by a team of professionals in this industry.

Makeup Brushes Manufacturer Workshop in Shenzhen Makeup Brushes Factory of China

Makeup Brush Workshop and Assembly Lines

Dedicated to supplying quality cosmetic brushes at the most competitive prices, the company positions itself as custom logo private label makeup brushes manufacturer, cosmetic brush manufacturers, makeup brush suppliers, makeup brushes factory, makeup brush exporters, makeup brush OEM / ODM supplier.

We consistently introduce new technology and update our solutions as necessary to ensure we are adapting to clients’ changing needs and market dynamics. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their business objectives.

In order to ensure customers’ business to be safer, here in China we take care of the whole procedures by ourselves, from sample development, manufacturing, printing, packaging, export declaration and organizing shipments. This way we provide a real one-stop solution for your makeup brushes and accessories projects.

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Promac Makeup Brush Factory is a leading professional in the makeup brushes and tools manufacturing industry. Speak with a representative from Promac about our ability to fulfill any product order you may have.

Contact us at +86-136-998-22177 or send us an email by to learn more about our factory and other services.

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