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Kabuki Brushes Manufacturer

A kabuki brush (sometimes called mushroom brush) is a makeup brush with a short stem and dense bristles.

Usually, a kabuki brush is used to apply loose powdered make-up on large surfaces of the face (e.g., foundation, face powder, blush). Because of its design, the brush blends powdered make up evenly on the skin and creates a very natural looking coverage.

Promac is one of the first companies making Kabuki brushes in China, making Kabuki brushes with natural materials like animal hair (e.g., goat or horse hair), as well as synthetic bristles. We offer rounded and flat brush heads. Our Kabuki brush is ideal for applying bronzers, blushers, powders, and shimmers flawlessly.

Promac is a private label makeup brush manufacturer, offering custom made cosmetic brushes. Contact us to create your own makeup brush collections. Our friendly staff will walk you through the entire process.

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