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LP0301 Lip Brushes

Lip brushes are used to apply lipstick, gloss or balm to your lips. They’re favored by makeup artists because they help make the application more hygienic and give a more flawless, even look, as well as increase the wear of your lipsticks. We have lip liner brushes as well as brushes for lip gloss and lipstick!

Item: LP0301

Product description: Lip brushes

HS code: 9603290090

Hair: Pony hair

Ferrule: Aluminum in silver colour

Handle: Plastic in off white colour

Product Photo:Lip Brushes Pony Hair Off White Plastic Handle
Tailored Makeup Lip Brushes Manufacturer
The Company produces high quality cosmetic brushes to prestigious makeup artists and cosmetic retailers throughout the world. Our designers develop 30 new models each month and create tailored brushes not available from any other manufacturer, and our brushes are made of the finest sable, pony, goat and synthetic hair and constructed with the kind of care and quality that will make them last for years.

Private Label Makeup Lip Brushes Supplier
The Company delivers private label makeup brush products to a variety of international companies, and meets a broad range of performance requirements for our customers.
Customers can choose from our endless array of styles, custom shaped handles, hairs, ferrules and colors, and we do the imprinting of customers’ individual name and corporate logo on the body.

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