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Private Label Makeup Brushes

Most of our makeup brushes are designed exclusively for private label customers, printed with clients’ own logo and brand names. Looking for private label makeup brushes for your company or business? Promac can help create your signature makeup brushes at an affordable price. Help expand your brand by offering your customers a branded makeup brush that will create better brand loyalty and help set you apart from competitors.private label makeup brushes from Shenzhen Makeup Brushes Manufacturers

Create a brand that has your signature design and style. Turn your desire of owning your own makeup brush brand into a reality with our private label makeup brushes manufacturing. Previously private label makeup brushes were only available to big design houses, but now Proamc has made the ability for small and medium size companies to have their own private label makeup brushes.

  • Low minimums, starting at only a 500pc minimum.
  • Affordable price, normally $0.7-$1.5 per face brush, $0.3-$0.6 per eye brush or lip brush, including logo printing. There is also a one-time $50 $30 development fee per brush created. The more pieces, the cheaper the price gets.
  • Can create brushes of all styles, uses, materials, handles and for all purposes.
  • Quick turnaround time, normally 4-6 weeks.
  • Export assistance.

Our aim is to provide a one-stop service for our customers. We are able to private label makeup products, unit cartons, brushes, makeup cases, brush aprons and wraps.

The private label manager together with skilled engineers and technicians are well-trained in undertaking all kinds of complicated projects. Therefore, confidential treatment of technical information of customers is ensured.

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Promac is a leading professional in the makeup brushes and tools manufacturing industry. Speak with a representative from Promac about our ability to fulfill any product order you may have.

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