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Manufacturing process

The factory manufactures makeup brushes using traditional production methods.
Our efficient production methods combine the skills of various experienced craftsmen, this enables us to achieve a stable supply of high quality makeup brushes.
This ongoing manufacturing process has enabled us to win great favour among customers and enjoy long-term business relationship.

Tools and gadgets.

The traditional tools and gadgets we use in manufactuing a brush include original hair, a scale, a moulding cup, a reel of bundling thread, a caliper, a comb and a clean brush. For curtain brushes a palstic hair feeding gadget and a shaver are also used.

makeup brush manufacturing tools gadgets

makeup brush manufacturing tools and gadgets

Brush hair procurement.

We use high quality hair in our makeup brushes. Various types of hair are available for customers’ choice, including fine synthetic hair, animal hair, and synthetic animal hair which not only has the look but also has similar performance to genuine animal hair.

original goat hair for makeup brush

original goat hair for makeup brush

Selecting the best hairs.

All the hair is carefully combed to remove any hairs that are without tip, bent or warn and any hairs we consider to be of inferior quality. This can only be done by hand and by the most experienced of craftsmen.

the hair is carefully combed

the hair is carefully combed

Mixing hairs.

Hairs can be evenly mixed depending on their intended use or to stabilize product quality.

Ferrule and handle painting and stamping.

Copper ferrule and aluminum ferrule in various sizes, colours are custom made, wood handles, plastic handles, metal handles or acrylic handles are stamped with customers’ brand names, brush codes and brush descriptions.

makeup brush ferrule components options

makeup brush ferrule components options

 Arranging the brush head.

Hairs are put into a mould to assemble and bundle them, during which process hand rolling of hair is crucial to achieve a perfect shape of brush head.

Inserting hairs into a ferrule.

The bristles are inserted into a ferrule and glued together tightly.

Handle setting

A brush head (bristles and ferrule) is fitted to a brush handle.

Packing / Packaging

Individual brushes are carefully packed into OPP bags with protective PVC caps or safety white nets on the brush heads. Packagings including gift boxes are custom made beforehand. Brushes are then carefully put into custom made packagings.


Before any of our products are shipped, we carefully inspect them individually to maintain our high standard and delivery of only the satisfing quality products.

brush inspection

brush inspection

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